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Chapter 15 Rogues

  • Brayden
  • I stare out the bedroom window as the scene from this morning plays in my head. Zack’s cute look of both shock and horror flashing across his handsome face as his sister blurts out that he is hunting for some action. However, what surprises me more is the tightness in my chest that soon followed.
  • What is going on with me?
  • One minute, I find Zack irritating and annoying. His cocky expressions rub me wrong. Then the next minute, I find myself feeling sorry for him and wishing he wouldn’t leave my side.
  • I think I’m going crazy. It doesn’t help that Jacob was a jerk.
  • I sigh as I look up at the sky. Can the moon goddess please give me a break for once? Can I have something in my life actually work out for me?
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