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Chapter 17 Interrogation

  • Zack
  • I march into our prison with my brother right beside me. Between the two of us, we have enough steam rolling off us to fog over the windows in the entire building. However, I don’t care. These jerks nearly killed Brayden. They are going to pay for it.
  • As we get closer to the interrogation room, Blake nudges my arm. “Hey, let me start first and you can stand back for a bit. Maybe we will get lucky, and they will spill everything with a little pressure.”
  • I snort and glace to my side at him. “Yeah, right. I don’t think so, but you can go ahead and dream. Since you are the alpha and my older brother, I will let you go first. But as soon as my temper blows, I’m taking over. Don’t dare get in my way, either. Okay.”
  • The edge to my voice tells him I’m not messing around.
  • He takes a deep breath and reluctantly replies, “Okay. However, don’t go too far. I don’t want our prisoners dead on the first night.”
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