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Chapter 16 To the Hospital

  • Zack
  • My heart pounds against my chest as I lick the large gash along Brayden’s front leg, which is losing a lot of blood.
  • How he managed to stay up on his feet for as long as he did was a miracle.
  • Luckily, we got to him in time and took care of the rogues. I don’t want to think what would have happened if we didn’t get a couple of complaints about the patrols not being where they should be.
  • My small group was coming up to one of our patrol areas when Brayden ran past with the rogues, hot on his trail. Brayden already had cuts all over the front of him with blood streaming down and wasn’t paying any attention to us as he flew by.
  • However, I don’t understand why he didn’t fight them. Five against one isn’t that bad of odds. I’ve fought against more at one time. Plus, I’ve seen him giving pointers to our trainees. He knows how to fight.
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