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Chapter 35 She is MINE!

  • Zack
  • I ignore the black-haired guy’s words and the daggers shooting out of his eyes at me.  There is only one thing on my mind right now and that is whether Bry is alright. 
  • My heart races as I lean in and look over his shoulder as he turns and storms into the bathroom behind the other guy.  I don’t need a formal introduction to know who they are.  Plus, I recognize their voices.  They are Bry’s boyfriends. 
  • My wolf growls while I tentatively take another step closer to the door.  My eyes widen when a naked Bry comes into view, but he isn’t exactly like what I normally see.  His normal look of a man is there, but there is something else there, too.  His look, which I’m used to seeing, is fainter, almost as if it is an illusion, but what lies under the normal look of Brayden is something totally different. 
  • As the water cascades down and around his body, it outlines a pair of round ample breasts with harden pink nipples.  His hand reaches down in between his legs while his eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly ajar. 
  • Shock rifles through me and my mouth instantly falls open. 
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