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Chapter 28 Cold Shoulder

  • Brayden
  • I politely nod at everyone as I sit down at the table for supper beside Zack.  The dining hall is full of people and chatter while the delicious smell of food drifts out of the kitchen. 
  • Zack quickly nods and looks away.  He has been like this all day.  Did I do something to irritate him?  My wolf whimpers while I rake my brain, trying to find the one thing that I did to upset him.  Unfortunately, I can’t find anything. 
  • My eyebrows furrow together as I stare at the side of his face. 
  • My thoughts are interrupted as Lindsey leans forward and looks around her brothers at me.  “Hey, Alpha Brayden, we are going to have a small party tonight to welcome you back and to thank you for what you did with the rogues.  Can you come?  It won’t be right to have a party without the guest of honor.”
  • I shake my head.  “I don’t know.  There is a lot of work for me to do, especially since I’ve been gone for a few days recovering.”
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