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Chapter 36 Hostage

  • Their silence speaks more volume that night. They poured drinks back in the room, browsed through the movie selections they wanted to see. They put on the one they agreed on, not really caring what it was because their minds were wandering to places that don't exist. A place where they would go through life without each other by their sides.
  • She laid her head on his shoulder, stared blankly into the TV. He held her hand and played with her fingers, something he will miss terribly. He took a deep breath.
  • She remembered when she first saw him, his smile, his cheeky comments. His playfulness, his laughs, his annoying ways to get her attention. Those dark blue eyes, and his beautiful face. She glanced over to the tattoo on his chest, and she touched that "J". He looked down and shivered from her gentle touch.
  • He turned to look at her. That was when she pulled him gently and pressed her lips against his. She closed her eyes, she felt his soft wet lips responding to the kiss, and pulled back to look into his eyes. He smiled, "What was that for?" as if he didn't know.
  • She leaned forward again, their face almost touched. They felt each other's breath. The fear of losing each other was weighing on their minds. Their lips touched once more, their tongues tangled, softly pulling and pushing. His breath was inside her mouth, even then she didn't feel close enough. She put her hands on his cheeks, kissing and kissing him, but that wasn't enough.
  • She touched him, he gasped in surprise, he was already responding to the kiss and they froze for a fraction of a second. He saw it in her eyes, she wanted him this time. He cupped her hand and rubbed it against him, he was solid hard. He pushed her on the bed, his fingers undid her clothes while he was kissing her.
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