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Chapter 19 Bhorma

  • Three days later, she was leaving for Bhorma. She hadn't heard from Preston since that night, nor she had tried to contact him. There was a knock on the door, it was Preston. Standing with both hands on either side of the door frame. Looking at his beautiful face, she was relieved.
  • "Hi ... can I talk to you for a second?" She nodded and let him in. "Is Kelsey here?"
  • "No, she went out to get some last minute stuff," she said casually.
  • They stood facing each other awkwardly. He saw the suitcases, a sense of loss crept inside him. "Wow ... you're all packed and ready to go," he commented.
  • She sat on her bed and nodded, waiting to hear what he came to tell her. He sat next to her, and faced her. "I just want to tell you something ..." he began. "I understand your decision ... I'm okay with that ... I guess I was just selfish that I wanted you for myself, but I know one thing is for sure ... I want you in my life forever ... can I at least have that?"
  • She felt a pressure from behind her eyes, he was saying exactly what she wanted to say. He took her hand, "I love you, Julie, even though you don't think I know what it means ... I love you in every possible way a person can love another ... I just have to learn not to be selfish about it, because you're so important to me."
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