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Chapter 26 The Bookstore

  • She received her first paycheck from Ardor and knew exactly where she wanted to spend it. Nathan took her to the bookstore where she met Kelsey for the first time. She took a cart, knowing she will be buying more than a few books.
  • She went straight to the Fiction shelves. She studied the covers, picked out the most interesting titles, read the synopsis and followed her gut instinct whether to put it in the cart or put it back on the shelves. She could do that for hours, while Nathan was in the Business section because that's what he was reading lately.
  • She saw him reading by the store window. The sunlight penetrated the glass and made his skin look golden. He was looking down on his book, he pouted his lips. The world around him seemed to disappear, he wasn't aware of her watching him. He was like her when he read, she thought. She could spend hours in that store, and he wouldn't be bothered waiting for her.
  • She turned to the Literature aisle, looked at the top shelves where all the dead poets lined up. She already owned most of the books. She tried to reach her favorite one but it was too high. A longer arm aimed for it from behind her, a scent of Nathan's cologne followed it.
  • "I've never read this one before," he said standing really close to her.
  • "That's my favorite, I left it at home ... I'm thinking of buying another one, just in case."
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