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Chapter 6 The Internship Thing

  • Kelsey didn't come back to the dorm for two days. She does that when she is with a boyfriend. She checked in with Julie everyday just to let her know where she was. Usually, she'd stay with the guy for days, fucked his brains out until she was bored fucking him and she'd come back to the dorm to complain about how bored she was and then went back to the guy to fuck him some more.
  • Julie was used to the routine, she was glad she was a professional loner. She would drown herself in books and completely lost track of time whenever Kelsey went on her voyage. She never felt lonely without her roommate, and when Kelsey's back, she would take a break from her reading to listen to her over the top sexcapade with the 'oh so boring boyfriend' just to see her gone again in a few days. Rarely there was a boyfriend that didn't bore her, those who can keep her satisfied in bed were the ones that can keep her the longest. And that seemed to be the case with Nathan.
  • Kelsey blew out a smoke from her cigarette that she occasionally had after sex. There was something pleasurable about the tobacco smell in her mouth and the puff of thick smoke in and out of her lungs. She laid on Nathan's bed naked, tangled in the white linen as she filled the room with mist of Marlboro nicotine and tar while relishing the thought of how satisfied she was just a few minutes earlier.
  • Nathan was an excellent lover, his lean and toned body was strong enough to pin her down and flipped her over and under, but not too big that it was overwhelming her like the jocks that she usually dated. His touches were smooth and arousing her senses, his chef's hands were definitely not just good enough for the kitchen, it was good enough to keep her begging him to fondle her in every way he could.
  • A faint smile curved on her lips, if only Nathan was not such a serious guy off the bed, he would've made the perfect boyfriend that she might consider to keep for a long term relationship. She wondered if someone like Nathan would ever settle to be a 'fuck buddy' if she ever fell ill on courting him. But he was good enough for now, after all, she can smell the breakfast he was making for her right outside the door. And she had never dated anyone who could do that before.
  • She put on his shirt that was lying around on the bedroom floor and got out of the room. His sweat pants were dangling just below his waist without a shirt, his V shaped back looked even sexier as he was flipping breakfast on one pan and sautéing vegetables on the other. She came over to kiss him.
  • "Hmm ... you've been smoking," he commented, it was not his favorite taste.
  • "Sorry ... sometimes after an extraordinary orgasm, I like to have a few puff," Kelsey said in her defense.
  • He looked over to her with piercing eyes, "We can have a few more of those after breakfast," he said with a suggestive tone. Kelsey bit her lower lip, she was already thinking about it even before she got off the bed.
  • Nathan plated the bacon and eggs with the sautéed vegetables on the side, he added his special tartar sauce and a piece of sourdough to go with everything. "Juice or milk?" he offered.
  • "Juice ... no dairy, remember?" She was particular with her diet. "And you can have the bacon," she added.
  • "More for me," he was more than happy to take them. They sat on the stool by the kitchen island and started digging in. It was a very simple breakfast but there was something very special in the taste that she couldn't pinpoint what it was.
  • "Oh my God ... this tastes so good," she praised him. Nathan responded with a simple smile, he heard it thousands of times before.
  • "I was talking to Julie the other night ... she mentioned about an internship at the end of the semester, have you figured out where you wanted to take your internship yet?" he started the conversation, hoping she hadn't already picked out a company yet.
  • Kelsey rolled her eyes, "Oh have I? I won't be taking the internship at least until next year, I still have two more semesters to catch up before I'm eligible for that," she explained.
  • "Oh ..." he sounded disappointed.
  • "Why? Why'd you ask?" She was curious about his tone.
  • "I was thinking ... since I'm recruiting next month, maybe you can do the internship at my place in Bhorma ... I could use a clever head to help me out with the set up and you can learn a lot from the business point of view."
  • Kelsey's eyes sparkled, "That sounds wonderful!! But I won't be taking any internship credit until next year ... I'm sure Julie would love to take the post, if you'd offer her," she suggested.
  • Nathan seemed unsure, he was thinking he could spend more time with Kelsey if she had been the one to take the post. After seeing her real daily routines, and her night outs, it was not sitting well with him if he had to leave her for a long period of time.
  • "Julie is a straight A student, have I mentioned that before? Companies would be lining up to take her as an intern, she'll probably get job offers before she graduates ... she would be the best intern you'll ever have for your company, I can guarantee that," she told him with confidence.
  • "I'm sure she will," his tone was unenthusiastic.
  • He was confused by the impression he got from their first meeting. Kelsey was hot as hell, anyone can see that. She was probably the hottest girlfriend he had ever had. Finding her in a bookstore and talking about Charles Bukowski the way they did was what hooked him in the first place. He had never met a girl who was as enthusiastic about the dead poet as he was.
  • Their early interaction left an impression that he couldn't resist but to follow her all the way to Gastonburry, although it was a city that he could call home. He wanted to get to know her better, especially because sexually they were very much compatible, he was hoping to be compatible in other things too.
  • But after a few days that they spent in Gastonburry, things started to look further and further away from what he expected. Kelsey was too wild for his taste, she was a party girl who loved her booze and party friends. She didn't seem to enjoy college in any way whatsoever, she was careless about her future because she was too busy partying. And now he found out that she was behind in her credits and won't be able to take the spot at his restaurant which could be a great turning point for their relationship.
  • It wasn't much of a relationship just yet, but it could be, and he was willing to try. Having a long distance relationship with a girl like Kelsey might as well mean that it was over before it even began.
  • "I guess I can ask her if she'd like to intern for me," he finally said.
  • "I think she will, and you won't regret it ... anyways, I'd probably take an internship at my dad's company and ask his Human Resource Department to lie on my report," she laughed, "And then I can spend three months in Bhorma lying naked with you instead," she continued with a seductive smile and a wink.
  • Nathan curved on a half smile, as much as he liked the idea, he wasn't sure if he was looking for a girlfriend who would lie on her report to graduate from college.