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Chapter 23 The Rockabillies

  • They parked the car at a five minute walking distant parking lot. The streets were filled with parked vehicles and people getting ready for midnight. The Rockabillies entrance can be accessed from the narrow street where rows of bars, cafes and restaurants lined from end to end. They were playing all kinds of music that was jumbled up as they walked up to The Rockabillies.
  • Some people were too drunk to stand up and were just sitting on the pavement or leaning against the street lights still in their party mood. It was a warm night with no breeze. A tropical December night, something she never experienced before.
  • They walked over the long entrance over a wooden bridge. The jungle themed bar had swimming pools and a large whirl pool filled with visitors in their bathing suits holding their drinks. There were bars in between the pools. They walk past huts for people to sit and gather around tables with their group.
  • At the end of it were the lounges, seats under umbrellas facing a huge stage. A wide open space in front of the stage for people to stand. On the back of the stage was the beachfront where people can go straight to the ocean, or walk ten minutes to the Hard Rock Hotel nearby.
  • Top notch local bands performed there regularly like a mini concert. It was the local version of the Hard Rock Café. It was an outdoor venue and the drinks were much cheaper. Julie's face was beaming with excitement, she was vibrating with the ambience. Before the band started the performance, she was at the bar ordering the drinks.
  • Andy didn't know what hit him. It was supposed to be a date that he failed to initiate. He ended up going to a New Year's Eve celebration with his date and The Boss. Andy didn't mind the drinks at all, he would take anything to break the ice since the moment he got into the back seat of Nathan's car.
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