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Chapter 25 Nathan Knows

  • Later that day, Nathan came back from Ardor and took her out to a seaside restaurant for an early dinner. It was one of his favorite spots on the island where the sunset view was extraordinary and the coffee was excellent.
  • They sat facing each other enjoying a plate of oysters in garlic and lime for appetizers, ordered a grilled red snapper with mash potatoes and salad on the side for the main course. The ocean breeze blew out her hair and her light summer dress. The sunset reflected on her skin. They talked about the night before, all smiles and laughing.
  • "I feel like I could stay here for the long run," her eyes gazed at the ocean rolling it's waves towards the shores.
  • Nathan turned and looked at where she was looking. "It's beautiful, isn't it? That's why I chose this island for Ardor, I can see myself living here for good too ... it's like, you don't need a vacation to break away from your daily life."
  • "Exactly, everyday is like a holiday," she agreed.
  • "So ... does that mean you'll continue working at Ardor after graduation?" he looked at her hopeful.
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