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Chapter 21 My Good Boss

  • Nathan was a good friend, and a good employer, not just to her, but to everyone. He made everyone feel like they're in one big team, each person was equally important. Anybody can contribute their ideas to improve the restaurant, the food, the working environment, and he took everyone's opinion into consideration.
  • He didn't get angry whenever there was a screw up, he knew everyone was learning as they went just like he was. And that it would take years to build something substantial, Nathan wanted to bring the team to grow with him and the company. He learned to tackle everything that the team was lacking, he has this calmness about him in overcoming problems that made everyone feel secure.
  • Julie was observing strong leadership from Nathan. Whenever they were short on staff, Nathan never hesitated to go down and dirty in the kitchen or serve food to the customers, always with a smile on his face. He chatted with everyone, his extroverted vibe adds to the warm welcoming feeling of Ardor, a name that felt more and more appropriate for the place as time goes by.
  • His leadership brought the best in everybody, and the sense of belonging made it easy for them to give their best to improve. Julie worked on getting a permit to install a pathway from the beach straight to Ardor. This had increased a significant amount of visitors. She drafted spreadsheets to help out map the money coming in and out, even though it wasn't part of her job. She helped with contract agreements, tax calculations because they were not big enough to hire an accountant or to have a legal department within the company. Nathan was increasingly dependent on her assistance. They took turns in taking day offs, three weeks in and he already trusted her with almost everything.
  • She called Kelsey to check in on her, it went to voicemail. She tried again a couple of times, the same thing happened. It was Thursday night but it's not unusual for her to go out clubbing on a weekday. So she called Preston instead.
  • "Do you know where Kelsey is?"
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