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Chapter 39 Graduation

  • Her mom and dad came on her graduation day. They took pictures together, a pat on the back, a clumsy hug, a kiss on the cheeks, a congratulations. The three of them again after eight years. She was smiling the whole day.
  • She told them about her plans, they told her how proud they were, shared one last hug and asked her to call them more often. That was pretty much the depth of their relationship.
  • After her parents left, Kelsey was there. They shared a long hug, enough to replace a thousand words they wanted to say to each other.
  • Kelsey tilted her toga hat with a smile, "I hope I'll look good in these next year." They laughed. "I guess this is cause for a celebration ... let's go get some coffee, my treat," she added.
  • They went to The Morning Brew, still in her toga and her diploma in her grip.
  • "I can't believe you're leaving in a few days ... do you realize we've never been apart since we were four?" There was sadness in her face.
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