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Chapter 38 Your Biggest Mistake

  • Despite making up at the end of their argument, Kelsey was distant. She kept to herself. Julie woke up the next morning feeling like a zombie, lost all sense of direction. She had to come up with a new plan for her future. There was no way she could go back to Ardor.
  • She made the report and told the faculty that she had to finish early because of a family emergency. The only time her family was useful for her. She didn't have the courage to contact Nathan, but to her relief, the faculty informed her that he had turned in the assessment sheet for her internship. She passed with flying colors. She texted to thank him, he didn't reply.
  • Two weeks after she got back to Gastonburry, she started to prepare her final presentation. Finalized her internship report, created slideshow, crunching numbers, drew diagrams, and all the bits and details needed for the final show. She also submitted a new application through the University to find employment after graduation. She was back to her initial plan before Ardor, before Nathan.
  • Kelsey spent more time in classes, catching up with her study and hung out with her other friends. While Julie spent almost all her waking hours at the library.
  • Julie called her mom to let her know the big day was approaching. She told her she had no doubt that she will excel in everything she does, and how proud she was that Julie was graduating early, while her newborn son was crying in the background. A son that she had always wanted.
  • Her father gasped when he realized that it had been three and a half years since she left for college, never once they saw each other within that period. His new wife didn't like her very much.
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