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Chapter 40 Epilogue

  • She wouldn't let me take her out on a date. She wouldn't let me kiss her, or touch her. Three months after she came back to Ardor, she went island hopping with Kelsey on her 21st birthday. I wasn't invited, obviously. I couldn't sleep that night, wondering if she was going to get wasted and ended up with some strange guy, willingly or unwillingly. There's no other girl that has kept me up all night as often as she did. For all different kinds of reasons.
  • But to end up with a strange guy was not the problem with her, it was only that one guy. I hate him. He calls her much too often for my liking. They would talk for hours, it burned me, and I couldn't do anything about it.
  • The almost kisses we had was driving me insane, but I've promised her I'd wait however long it takes. I think she was torturing me on purpose.
  • Six months after she was back, she finally let me in. We kissed. Every kiss was better than the last. I love kissing her. We kissed and kissed until our mouths were dry, she wouldn't let me go further than that. And that was the start of our relationship. I respected her choice, even though I was dying to undress her, I couldn't stop thinking about it every time we went out on a date, I thought that would be the time. But she wasn't letting her guard down, even after all those time, she needed more time to trust me.
  • She's brilliant. Damn! She's so much smarter than me. After a year working for Ardor, she can single handedly run the whole operation without me. She does everything better than me. We made our first million within a year of her working there, and I took her out to Uomo to celebrate.
  • That was where we made love for the first time. Her skin on my skin. Her breath and my breath as we move simultaneously as one. She had me, all of me. It was better than how I'd imagined it.
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