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Chapter 2 Good Morning Jules!

  • She was awoken by the sound of a rooster screaming it's lungs out like it's life was depending on it. She opened her eyes in a heavy daze, slowly gaining her consciousness, realizing that her alarm had set off the annoying sound. She took her phone and there were five miscalls from Kelsey. She remembered Kelsey never made that phone call to check in with her about her date. She dialed her number.
  • The call was picked up after two rings and she can see white bed sheets tangled on Kelsey's long and leaned tanned leg. It slowly went up to her exposed breasts, Kelsey was yawning and stretching at the other end of that call.
  • "Jeez ... five miscalls just for me to see you naked after a hot date? I thought you were in trouble or something," Julie was relieved even though slightly annoyed, as beautiful as she was, she didn't really enjoy looking at her best friend's bare breasts first thing in the morning. She threw herself back on her bed, covered in her vintage T-shirt and long pants she felt so comfortable in for sleeping.
  • "Good morning to you too, Miss Sunshine," Kelsey's hoarsed voice sounded sexy without her even trying.
  • "Where are you? Are you at your hotel?" The bed didn't look like it, hence the question.
  • "No, I'm at his place ... he actually owns a place on this island, his family's vacation home," she lowered her voice not wanting to be heard by the guy she was dating. "He is soooo fucking hot in bed, we had a fuckathon last night and we were slightly drunk ... it was ...." Kelsey's mouth was wide opened and she flipped her eyes to prove her point.
  • Julie rubbed her face, "God ... I don't think I want to hear the details so early in the morning, but ... good to know," she replied sarcastically.
  • Kelsey laughed again, "And you know what else?" it was a question that didn't need an answer. "He cooks!! He's an aspiring Chef and he's going to have his own restaurant chain and everything ... he was blabbering about it last night, the whole bit and pieces but I just couldn't wait to get his cock inside me ... and my godddd ..." she made another face that made Julie grimaced in a slight disgust.
  • "Okay ... okay ... I get the point, I'm happy for you bitch, so you've found the guy husband worthy ... finally?"
  • "What?? Hell no ... not really ... I couldn't stand listening to him talking so seriously about almost everything ... but I don't know, I don't think this will go beyond fucking on the island, a girl needs a good fuck on her solo vacation, right?" she giggled.
  • Julie rolled her eyes, Kelsey had never taken things seriously, all the guys she had ever been with were solely measured by their ability to please her in bed. She never seemed to think to find a guy who has good qualities that can keep a relationship longer than he can fuck.
  • "Preston called ... he asked about you," Kelsey said.
  • Julie let out a long frustrated breath, "I saw him last night, I didn't pick up his call ... what did he say?"
  • "You finally unblock him? That's good, I think you should give him a chance, Jules, he was in a pretty bad shape after you blocked him ... he was checking if he can talk to you again, and I said no ... I think he almost cried." That explains why he didn't call again after the first ring.
  • "I don't know ... I'm still ..."
  • "I know, take your time, I'm just saying ... you have a special bond with him, I know you cancelled on me because of what happened, but I think you just need time to figure it out, he loves you to death if you ask me."
  • Julie fell silent, she knew Kelsey was right, she just needed a little more time to be okay.
  • "Hey, I gotta go, I think he's done cooking ... I'll talk to you later, babe, or ... if I'm too busy fucking the Chef, I'll see you in a couple of days, okay? I miss you!"
  • "Take care, Kells, miss you too," she hung up the phone.
  • She got out of bed and changed to her jeans and fresh t-shirt, put on her oversized cardigan over it. Put on her vintage leather Dr. Martens, the only pair of boots she owned and took her backpack. She was ready for another day of pure solitude of reading, studying, doing her last test of the summer and enjoying the rest of the day to go to the bookstore and go crazy.
  • She stopped by at the coffee place near campus to order a hot latte to go, her usual, no sugar, extra shot of espresso for an early boost. When she got out of the shop, someone almost knocked her precious cup off her hand. It was a good thing she held onto it with her dear life.
  • "Hey! Watch it!" she exclaimed. When she saw the guy who had bumped her shoulder, she shrank and looked away.
  • "Jules! Sorry about that, I didn't see you there," Preston said. Julie shrugged and tried to hurry away, but Preston followed.
  • "Kelsey's not back yet? I haven't seen her around," he tried the safest question to ask her. She knew he was just making up conversations to stall her.
  • "Obviously not," Julie said irritated.
  • "When will she be back? What are you doing today?" His questions were unsettling.
  • She lifted her books, "Study ... test ... boring stuff, nothing you'd be interested in." She took a glimpse at him, his wavy brown hair brushed against his cheeks, strands of hair fell on his forehead, he tucked them behind his ear and showed his black earing in one of it's holes, his dark blue eyes pleading for her acceptance, she shuddered at the thought.
  • "You wanna get together afterwards?"
  • She hated it, to turn him down over and over again, she wished he could just take the hint and leave her alone.
  • "No ... I'm very busy ... Kelsey will be back in a couple of days, don't look for her until then," she rejected him and walked away.
  • "Oh come on Jules, let's hang out later for a few drinks?" he stopped following her, but still expecting a favorable response.
  • Julie didn't look back, she just waved at him and took a little run toward the campus building. She was panting when she arrived at the lobby, feeling relieved for having gotten rid of Preston. Usually it wasn't that easy.
  • Three years almost, when she first had a crush on that guy. She would shrivel down to a lump of mousse whenever he was near. For him to even know that she existed was a day of celebration for her. They were acquainted because he was friends with Kelsey first, that was pretty much how Julie was acquainted with anyone on campus. She used to daydream about Preston in her reading time at the library, or anywhere. They gradually became friends. They became inseparable just like her and Kelsey, but then it happened one day, and it was never the same again for her.