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Chapter 31 Let’s Make That Video

  • He watched her from Ardor's balcony that afternoon. He had to do something about it, because it was slowly driving him crazy. Wanting to be with her as much as he did and not being able to touch her, or even say anything about it to her.
  • She felt it too, he was sure of it, but she was too good to do anything about it. He had to do it the right way, and there was no right way to do it. She was already avoiding him after that call from Kelsey. She went on a stroll by herself all afternoon, and locked herself in her bedroom when he came home. No matter what he'll do, the chance of losing her is there.
  • He couldn't sleep that night. He went back and forth to the front of her door. He wanted to knock but changed his mind, twice. He laid awake on his bed, stared at the ceiling, figuring out ways to make it work. He thought about it until his head hurt, there was no way around it.
  • **********
  • He prepared breakfast the next morning. A simple grilled sandwich, topped with poached egg and salad on the side. It tasted like something coming out of a five star restaurant. The coffee was exactly how she liked it. He was all smiles, there was no trace of tension that was resting on his face the day before.
  • "This looks fabulous ... what's the occasion?" Julie's stomach was growling, she skipped dinner last night.
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