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Chapter 30 I’m Coming On Valentine’s Day

  • It was something they never spoke about again after that night. Just like the kiss on New Year's Eve. It was better to pretend that it was nothing.
  • She worked on her report diligently. She worked for Ardor equally hard. She drafted their financial report, calculated their taxes, and managed their social media accounts. She designed their digital marketing campaign, she was doing everything. And he was growing more dependent on her, professionally, and personally.
  • He built another shelf for her. He organized all her books on the old shelf, and was going to take her out on another book shopping spree. Two months into her internship, he can hardly remember what life was like before her.
  • Kelsey had been calling him more frequently. She talked about her feelings more openly towards him. He found himself numbed, unable to return her affections. She cheated on him, he was sure of that, but he didn't even care anymore. He couldn't break up with her on the phone, he was not that kind of person. But he found it hard to make time to fly to Gastonburry just to end things with her.
  • "I'm coming over for Valentine's Day," Kelsey said on the phone.
  • "That's ... that's awesome, Kells." He hasn't called her 'Babe' in awhile.
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