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Chapter 13 Ready As I’ll Ever Be

  • Julie closed her laptop and gave a sigh of relief, "I think that's it for now, are you ready to go back and start everything?"
  • Nathan sat back on his chair, "Ready as I'll ever be ... I'm glad you're on board, can't wait for December, it's gonna be exciting."
  • "Me too, I feel like I'm a part of it already, I have so many ideas that I want to share with you for Ardor."
  • Nathan sipped on his coffee, "Please, give me everything you've got, draft them up, send it through email or Skype me, I want to hear all of them, 'cause I got plenty of those too ... just not sure if they're doable, I guess we're gonna have to wait 'till we get all the team ready."
  • "True, at least you know what to look for when you're recruiting, we're setting a pretty high standard for a new business," Julie said.
  • "I'm willing to compensate them for their contribution though, I believe that I need them more than they need me, looking at the task at hand, I need all the help I can get ... it would be great if you can come and help me recruit since you know all the basics now," Nathan looked at her with hopeful glances.
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