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Chapter 12 Let’s Find You A Boyfriend

  • Kelsey came back later that day looking exhausted. She threw her arms up and fell on her bed like a log. She let out a long sigh of relief.
  • Julie was on her laptop editing Preston's videos, she glanced at her suspiciously, "Long day?" She probably had spent the whole afternoon sexing up with Nathan, the sigh didn't sound like a good one.
  • Kelsey turned her head lazily, "Hhmm ... he didn't bring his A game today, and I was wearing my go to jeans and lucky thong ... I guess it's not so lucky anymore."
  • Julie chuckled, "Why? What happened?"
  • Kelsey rolled on her stomach, "I don't know, something was weighing on his mind, I think it's probably work, he's nervous for next week ... the recruitment and everything ... it's starting to feel like we're married."
  • Julie nodded, "Yeah he does have a lot on his plate, he'll be meeting up with all the vendors and the marketing team next week, it's gonna be a lot of work."
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