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Chapter 47

  • CEO of Stark Apparel Inc. Gabriel Stark officially announces girlfriend Audrey Hopkins in a magazine interview. What do we know about her?
  • Gabriel Stark is dating his executive assistant.
  • Stark Apparel's CEO and playboy Gabriel Stark finally found love in the office.
  • Those were the most searched titles in several news sites one week later when this month's Exclusive issue was released. I picked up the magazine with a bold letter 'E' and my picture on the cover.
  • But Carla couldn't be more outrageous. She wrote deliberately wrote about the non-fraternization in the magazine and questioned an ethical workplace at the end of her article and mentioned the acronym NSFW. I couldn't believe she would go that low, but I couldn't care less about myself. I didn't want to offend Audrey this way. It was partially my fault.
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