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Chapter 46

  • I had imagined these particular scenarios with Audrey in the past months she started working for me – a very much willing and spread out Audrey on my bed when I would finally claim her body. Her sapphire eyes pleading me, her hair falling on my face when she rides me, and those fantasies could never compare to reality. My gorgeous angel was staring wide-eyed at me in wonder in the morning I rolled over the bed.
  • “Good morning, beautiful,” I murmured, and brushed my lips on her forehead. “How many times it was I wished waking up next to you.”
  • She giggled. “Good morning. Technically, I woke up next to you once.”
  • I moved my mouth to her rosy cheek before I slid up my hand to her jaw. “You weren’t naked before,” I teased, and she laughed once more. The noises she made last night were fucking sexy, that the sound alone made my cock swell and harder than it ever was, and I was hard again now.
  • I took her soft, sweet lips in a lingering kiss and my tongue feverishly tangled with hers and the groans she made last night she reenacting again with the kiss alone. I never thought moments like this would come into my life again as I tried to turn my back on the things that indicated a serious relationship.
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