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Chapter 15

  • “It was a disaster,” answered Chelsea when Stark asked about our day. He now sat in front of us in a five-star restaurant in the Waldorf hotel. There was no point to insist that we were fine staying at the hotel. Knowing my boss, when said something, it meant he wanted everyone around him to obey.
  • Stark frowned at my best friend’s answer. “Why so?”
  • “His father—ugh!” she grunted. “It’s not my place to speak.” Chelsea held my hand.
  • “My father…” I sighed. “He’s just like always. We don’t get along, that’s all,” I answered as simple as I could. There’s no way I was going to tell my boss how pathetic my life was. Especially now that I was still puzzled to see him here. It was usual for Stark to have a sudden business that was not in his schedule. I literally just told him this emergency trip this morning, and here was.
  • Stark picked up the cup of his coffee and took a sip. “So you just decided to stay somewhere else, is that it?”
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