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Chapter 18

  • “Thank you for coming here again, Audrey, and I’m sorry about yesterday,” Juliet stated sincerely when I came back to the mansion the next day. I could tell that ever since Anton married her, he changed a little bit.
  • “I’m used to it. This is where I grew up, and Dad has always been like that. There are worst days than yesterday.” I forced a smile to cheer her up. “Where’s Anton?”
  • “Upstairs with Edward. Apparently, ever since last night, all he did was complain, so Anton asked him if he could rest in his room today.” She smiled back at me Chelsea. “Welcome back.”
  • Chelsea at her responded with a smile. “Thank you.”
  • “Oh please, do come in. You haven’t had a chance to stay yesterday.” Juliet ushered us inside. Since it was still early, there were only a few people inside.
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