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Chapter 37

  • Gabriel was out for the entire afternoon after the meeting with the designers, but my task for the day was filled-in with the people coming to my desk. It was pretty exhausting in a good sense. It meant I was officially the CEO’s assistant and the employees trust me and I was in-charged whenever he was not in the office.
  • Jacey stopped by my desk five minutes before I shut my computer down. I was only waiting for Gabriel now to return to fetch me for dinner. I hadn’t told him about Coulson’s invitation yet.
  • “I’m really sorry, Audrey, but your signature is just as important as Mr. Stark’s, and I might need you to sign this really fast.” She placed the documents in front of me. It was the HR’s file for the upcoming sports fest on Saturday as they were primarily in-charged of arranging it, and that they needed my approval.
  • Honestly, my eyeballs were beginning to fall off my head by staring at too many numbers, designs, and documents the entire day.
  • “Is this urgent?”
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