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Chapter 42

  • After getting warmed-up, Bryan Jameson and I went back to the arena, saving energy while the volleyball teams were on their last set. Unfortunately, Chelsea seemed to be on the losing side with the opposing team having five points ahead and everyone seemed already exhausted.
  • At the side where Gabriel and redhead were seated, I realized I never saw him smiled and laughed like he did whenever he was with her. It was making me damned to jealous. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to know about her either, so I guess I was going to come to the dinner after all. Then I spotted Coulson in the ground who just finished his soccer game earlier greeting the woman as well.
  • The referee blew the last whistle and gave the last point to another team and Chelsea’s team lost. The team who won came from the financing department.
  • “Come on, Audrey!” Bryan stood up and I walked after him for the next game. Both men greeted each other at the field and Bryan shook hands with the redhead, then she turned to me.
  • “Hello, Audrey.” She grinned so sweetly and offered another handshake. I didn’t want to appear like a bitch so I shook her hand.
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