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Chapter 55

  • The foreperson stood up, holding the final verdict in the court. “State of the New York versus Mr. Aaron Henderson. We, the jury, duly impaneled, charged, and sworn in the above-entitled action, do, on our oath, find the defendant, Aaron Henderson, guilty of rape in the first degree, as charged in the first count of the information.”
  • Aaron fucking Henderson sent me a smirk while the officers were taking him. I wanted to fucking smack him to death, but I had a reputation to look out for. The people fled out the room after the court was adjourned and Carla’s arms flew around me.
  • “Let’s get you out of here,” I said. “Have you eaten anything?”
  • She shook her head. “No. I couldn’t.” She wiped her tears.
  • “Come on.” I took her out of the court and brought her to the nearest restaurant. I got her a chocolate mousse cake because I knew it was her favorite and an African tea and got a coffee for myself.
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