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Chapter 26

  • Gabriel’s place was just as grandiose as he was. We first took an elevator towards his penthouse on Fifth Avenue. The space was cultured with full grey & whitish veins Italian marble floors, a living room by the great floor-to-ceiling windows that peered across the beautiful view of Central Park.
  • His home was beautiful like the man himself. His private space was warm and extravagant, and walls were filled with gorgeous paintings of abstract and landscapes but were never exaggerated. I understood his fascination with the arts. The tension inside me had become palpable. We’ve been together alone for hours, but I was even more nervous now.
  • “Your house is amazing…” I praised softly, it’s as if being in his home was privileged. This was another glance of Gabriel’s private life.
  • He pulled me to him and sandwiched me against his arms. “I’ve imagined this moment, Audrey,” he said softly. “I’ve pictured you standing on my floor, and here you are. I can’t wait to have you tonight.”
  • Oh, how I needed to be held like this. Gabriel had become the man I didn’t expect him to be. He always seemed like a man that was hard to please and demanding, but I didn’t realize he could also be gentle.
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