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Chapter 52

  • I wouldn’t want to do this revelation thing in front of a potential enemy, but I do have to admit that Charles Scott’s eyes don’t lie. He seemed someone who had been trapped in the middle of unfortunate family drama. The Garner twins found nothing about him but a man who lived happily with his mother in Germany. He came back a few years later to inherit his father’s properties that his uncle had an interest in.
  • I barraged him with questions because I shouldn’t let my guard down. But the Duke and Dylan were never wrong—that’s how good they were. When they told me Charles Scott seemed to be innocent with his family’s affairs, they must be right. Maybe I was only pissed because I knew he liked Audrey. He wanted what was mine, and it’s the only thing he should do was stop hoping.
  • “I have been investigating this case for as long I can remember, Charles, and I found things I’m not sure you want to hear,” I said.
  • “I’m ready. It’s not like I’m not expecting the worst. I know my father wasn’t a good man when I found out he wanted to marry a girl my age, and she’s my friend’s sister.” He looked at Audrey and sent her a small smile of assurance. “I’m Samuel’s friend too.” He set his eyes back at me. “Now if you tell me that this has something to do with Sam’s death, I won’t back out.”
  • “How can you say that when I’m not even saying anything yet?” Maybe he wasn’t as innocent as I think he was—but that’s good. It means he bears information.
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