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Chapter 19

  • Charles invited me for a walk that afternoon in the town park. Strangely, for someone I hadn’t seen for a long time, I didn’t feel like he’s a stranger. He’d follow Samuel wherever he went when they were kids, and he’d always give me a popsicle.
  • He was saddened at Samuel’s sudden death, but still managed to ooze charm with his smile. He was so serene and gentle speaker. How he walked was mirrored with grace, yet with his broad shoulders, you’d still find a solid physique. His cobalt blue eyes looked as if it was speaking to me.
  • Though we still hadn’t talked about the house, I was still planning to open it up.
  • “After Dad divorced Mom, I went to Berlin with her and continued my studies. But as an only child, Dad’s legacy was passed on to me, I had no choice but to go back.” We stopped by a bench beside the swing and settled on it. He exhaled out a breath lightheartedly and breathed in the air again. “It’s a quiet night, isn’t it?”
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