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Chapter 13

  • I had broken a lot of rules in my life so I learned to set the ‘right’ rules for myself so I would not lose again. I once tried to trust again, but another mistake made me realize, I shouldn’t keep my guard open.
  • For now, I only had one goal. It was to keep Audrey next to me. I figured out how I would bring her down, and then her family. She was going to fall for it and after she's head over heels, I'm going to throw her way—just how she threw me.
  • Cruel? That’s how the world is, mate.
  • I would make sure I'd enjoy every moment of how I was going to destroy her life. I was going to watch her struggle and begged me to stop. At the same time, I would make sure that she was thoroughly fucked.
  • I’m going to fuck her senselessly that she would forget her own name.
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