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Chapter 6

  • As we bounced along, I slowly slid my hand up her stomach, under her shawl, finally coming to rest just under her breasts. I knew no one could see what was going on, and as Nila didn’t resist at all, I decided to just go for it.
  • Slowly at first, I stretched my fingers up, feeling the bottom of her breast, then gently reached up and rubbed her nipple. She gasped but did nothing. I then just started to massage her breast. As I did so, she started rubbing up and down on my cock. No, she wasn’t that different from her mother!
  • The one difference though was that she was a virgin, or so I assumed. I really didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of seducing her into sex if she was uncomfortable with the idea of premarital sex, but the idea of getting to feel her up, maybe make out with her, was a definite possibility. It was all I really expected.
  • Soon our ride ended though and we disentangled ourselves and walked about. Nothing more was done and nothing was said, even though I noticed both girls were keener to walk closely next to me, often rubbing arms and touching me when talking. It was a painfully slow start to a slow seduction.
  • It was two days later when all four of us were at Rashmi’s when things started to heat up. Ajanta being Ajanta, bold and talkative, took the lead.
  • “It seems like I missed out on your intimate night out to Karim’s.”
  • “Yes, it is a shame you couldn’t join us,” I replied.
  • “But now you seem to owe me one.”
  • “Owe you one? What do I owe you, a dinner at Karim’s?”
  • “Well, I’ll take that too. But I was thinking more of a rickshaw ride.”
  • I immediately turned red, as did Nila and Rashmi. It seemed they had shared what happened and my boldness.
  • “Even Rashmi feels a little neglected,” Ajanta added.
  • “Shut up Ajanta,” Rashmi blurted out.
  • I just started to laugh, my initial embarrassment turned quickly into calculating how to make this a memorable experience for all of us.
  • Given my newfound boldness and tendency towards domination, I decided to just go for it and see where it would lead.
  • “Is that what you want, Rashmi? Would you like me to feel you like I did Nila? She seemed to enjoy it, didn’t you, Nila?”
  • Nila turned as red as possible and just stared down at the ground, but she did slowly nod her head; yes, she was her mother’s daughter.
  • Rashmi just looked at me a bit dumbfounded, perhaps not expecting such directness.
  • “Why don’t you come sit on my lap like Nila was doing the other night.”
  • She quickly looked around at both Nila and Ajanta.
  • “It’s what you said you wanted Rashmi, go ahead and do it. Or I will, I wouldn’t mind. It feels good,” Ajanta goaded her.
  • “But … but I can’t. It’s isn’t right. My mother…”
  • “She’s not home. Here, I’ll go first.”