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Chapter 49

  • I stuff my face with pepperoni pizza as Landon talks about his school work and how school was pretty difficult since he was now a senior. I stare absentmindedly at him. It's been over a month since Jake left. We are always talking on the phone and FaceTime. I swear I missed him. The house was pretty empty and lonely without Jake. Sometimes my friends always drop by the apartment and keep me company till they leave. Oftentimes, Landon always spends the night. The other nights when I'm completely alone, I sleep in Jake's bed as we FaceTime and he talks me to sleep. It's been like that since he left. I miss him a lot.
  • " You're not paying attention, are you?" Landon says. I sigh and stare at him.
  • " I'm sorry. I've been…"
  • " Thinking about Jake, I understand. You miss him a lot, we know. But that doesn't mean you're gonna be distant."
  • It's hard. I've tried. It feels like another part of me is missing the minute Jake went to Seattle. I assured myself I will be fine but it doesn't work. It's been hard. I wish he could just come back but that would be selfish of me.
  • " It's hard, Landon. At least you've got Brad here with you."
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