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Chapter 42

  • " Hey man." Landon's voice snaps me out of my thoughts. I look up from my book and see Landon already sitting opposite me.
  • I can't concentrate, not with Lennon's threat ringing in my head. I haven't seen her around school, not even her shadow. I sigh and close my book as I lean back against the booth.
  • " Are you okay?" Landon asks, grabbing my almost melted milkshake as he slurps from the straw.
  • I glare at him. " You're buying me another one." I point to my milkshake in his hand.
  • He chuckles. " Yes, sweetheart, as long as you tell me what's bothering you." Landon points out.
  • I sigh and look out the translucent window, if maybe I can catch a glimpse of Lennon. I just want to talk to her. She needs to know what she's planning to do doesn't make any sense and it's beyond childish.
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