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Chapter 45

  • ♥ JAKOB'S POV ♥
  • I just need to find him. I have to find him. With one hand steering the wheel of my car, I type in Ashton's number in Lennon's phone. He's not picking up. I'm frustrated as I throw the phone on the passenger seat. Where do I look? Where is he right now?
  • If Lennon by chance is right about sending him a video of us making out then I imagine him somewhere thinking about breaking up with me. I park my car by the side of the road and call Ashton's number again, he doesn't pick up. I called him again and this time it went straight to voicemail. He's probably switched off his phone.
  • " Fuck!" I punch the wheel with my already bloodied hand. I stop, sighing as I pull at my own hair. I've never been this frustrated before.
  • Why the fuck did I get involved with Lennon in the first place? Why the hell did I let my dick think instead of my head. I grab Lennon's phone as I change the Sim cards. I remove hers from her phone and place mine inside. I called Ashton again, same response. His voicemail.
  • I call Brad as I patiently wait for him to pick up. On the fifth ring he picks up.
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