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Chapter 31

  • " Every part of you." He whispers. My heart constricts against my chest and I'm not breathing normally.
  • Nearly three months ago, all we've been doing is fight, fight, and fight. We barely ever had any conversation, but here we are, my roommate who I happen to like—too much if I might add, just confessed he likes me and wants me to be his boyfriend.
  • God I need a glass of water. A water to help me dilute what he just told me. Is this even real? Is he for real? He's the biggest asshole I've ever seen in my life. He's not committed to no one. All he enjoys doing is having sex with different women every single day since he can get any girl he wants. But why does he want to stay committed to me all of a sudden? I'm a boy and all his life he finds gay love extremely weird.
  • I shake my head and sigh and turn around to grab a t-shirt. I really need a glass of water. My mind can't piece together the puzzle. This is so surreal.
  • " I need a glass of water." I smile at him and walk past him and out of my room. My breathing is fast because I'm nervous.
  • The fact that not too long ago Jakob Pierce just gave me an orgasm is still mind blowing and unbelievable. He touched me like I was one of his girls and I liked it. And I'm beginning to think maybe he means everything he's saying to me. But he's Jakob. Why would he even touch me like that? And that's the best thing I've ever had in my life. No one has touched me there and I was clearly embarrassed when he did.
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