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Chapter 19

  • Damn.
  • I never thought I'd be back here after yesterday. I stare at the crowded frat house as I take in deep breaths. Coming back to this house reminds me of our kiss and I need to try as much as possible to get Jake out of my head. Maybe I shouldn't even be here. Why did I bother to come here to save that asshole, it's not like he deserves it anyway. But I just can't help it. Being at home while Jake is in here drunk out of his mind with his close friends, not even with him, I'm not sure I would be able to sleep tonight if I didn't come here myself to make sure he's okay. At least he called me. He asked for my help and I shouldn't just turn his offer down. That won't be good right?
  • I groan. Sober Jake won't even ask me for my help. He's an ass. Taking in a deep breath, I step into the crowded house with loud music. I cover my ears and look around the living room for Jake. I push through drunk people and go over to the couch we sat last night and there are just random strangers there, making out. I sigh and turn around to check the kitchen or maybe the backyard. I go to the kitchen and he's not here. Where the hell is he?
  • I pull out my phone to dial his number but he doesn't pick up.
  • " Always an asshole." I mumble underneath my breath and pocket my phone.
  • " Ash." A familiar voice says my name as a hand grasps my shoulder and forcefully forces me to turn around to look at them.
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