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Chapter 48

  • " You're gonna be fine, right?" Jake asks me as I help him arrange his shirt.
  • He was leaving for med school today in Seattle and I felt like shit. I missed him already even when he's standing right in front of me. I wish I could make him stay, but that would be selfish of me. We've been together for years now and all he's done is support me.
  • Well yeah, we've been dating for nearly two years now and it still felt like a dream. Sometimes I wake up at night as I watch this handsome Australian man sleep and then I wonder how we've been together for over a year. It was tough, especially for Jake. At first people would murmur when we walked by but it's been different now. The homophobic behavior had lessen.
  • Lennon left school. It turned out Lennon's parents were against homophobic behavior and when they found out about what she did just to come between Jake and I, her father had to send her to school abroad.
  • " You're happy now, aren't you? You've got Jake all to yourself." She'd said that to me a few days before she left the country.
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