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Chapter 22

  • " Thank you for dropping by at Gio's Burger." I give the customer a polite smile and hand him his order.
  • With my elbows on the counter, I sweep my hands over my hair. I should probably get a haircut cause it's getting too long. I clean my eyes from under my glasses and sigh. The buzzing in my pocket makes me groan and I don't bother to check who's texting me. I already know who it is and it's definitely my annoying roommate.
  • After Jake's last text which he simply stated 'we need to talk.' I haven't bothered to respond to his text. He can't just get anything he wants, anytime he wants it. He makes it sound like he's got me wrapped around his fingers and I hate that. He texted me again when I arrived at the diner and this time he was more demanding than earlier.
  • For some reason, he added two extra question marks and it was rather irritating. And then he texted me again and again and I was tempted to turn off my phone.
  • " Are you okay?" Nat asks from beside me. I remove my hands from my eyes and turn to look at her.
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