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Chapter 5 Prince

  • “Thief, thief I know you stole it, now if you do not give it back to me all hell will break loose“
  • “Aunty, please I did not take anything I swear it “
  • “Liar, you are a liar and a whore just like your dead mother, I know you have taken it and I want it back“
  • Clothes were being forcefully removed and torn to the eyes of the squatters. A young teenage girl was being beaten, her clothes being ripped from her skinny self, her tears running down her cheeks and blood dripping from her mouth. She had scars all over her body. She looked and smelled like death himself. All her pleas feel to deaf ears as she was being beaten with an iron rod over and over again.
  • “Mica, what the hell are you doing huh, get off her“
  • Nicholas pulled his wife off the poor girl who was trying to cover her naked body with the rags of clothes but it barely did the job.
  • “What sort of nonsense is this Mica, how dare you lay a hand of her, what is the matter with you“
  • “Get your filthy hands off me, get them off, you like her don’t you, you like her I can see it in your eyes, you pedophilia but I don’t care, you both can go and die for all I care but she must give me back my jewel, she must“.
  • “Stop this madness Mica, you speak of a jewel, you have something that precious and you stored it in this dump, please spare me the disgrace and shut your trap“
  • “Speak for yourself, I had jewels and you made me lose all of them , the one, the only one I kept with me has been stolen by that bitch and I will kill her if she does not give it back to me“
  • Mica struggles to get free from Nicholas’s hands, she screamed all sort of words, gaining attention from the neighbors, and she wanted all of them to see. She was once a rich woman but her stupid husband messed everything up and ended them in this gutter, filled with trash having to sleep with mice and starving their life away. She wanted the street to not look down on her but even though the neighborhood was the poorest area in the city, most of the residents were far better than them. They begged or raid through back alley trash cans to eat and just that thought alone makes her so furious and angry, she has to beat Vivian and disgrace her publicly to feel good about herself.
  • “You are so pathetic it makes me sick, if you want to roar on top of your voice go ahead and leave me out of this " Nicholas approached Vivian and helped her up "get up dear, let go inside“
  • “Nicholas, are you ignoring me, Nicholas, Nicholas“
  • ………………………..
  • ”Alex, your father and I want you to go to aboard and study, it will do you good and the education system there is more advanced” Frowns appeared on young Alex’s forehead, he just could not understand why his parents have been rushing him to move to the United states for school. He was very comfortable here and likes his school.
  • ”Why” his voice very deep, too deep for a 19 years old teenager.
  • ” Do we have to explain anything to you boy, you are going next month and that is that” George Mace just put the topic to a hold but to Alex no one can decide anything for him to follow. He stood up and went to his room.
  • ” Do you have to be so crude to him, he is our only son George and we have to make him understand certain things”
  • ” He is not ready now Helena, he has to be prepared to handle the responsibility of the company and the family. We cannot just hand it over to him, he has to earn it”
  • ” Earn George, it is his birthright”
  • ”Birthright, no this is a legacy from generation to generation and we cannot let a weakling ruin it, that is why we all have to be harden before, you have always known this Helena, why are you resisting now”
  • ”Our son has always been quiet and in his shell, if he goes through that he will be too cold”
  • ”And that is what the family needs, someone who can tell right from wrong even if it involves his blood. You know the situation we are in now and he has to take over fully prepared, I know it a hard and bloody position but with a little push he will take over and right the wrong”
  • Monday came and school began again. His Car stopped on the side of the road. He got out of the car and walked to the school entrance but was stopped by Kelvin, Alec best friend or so he thought.
  • “Alex, hey Alex where is your mind, you have been so distance nowadays, you good“
  • “Yea am good“
  • “So Darius house party this year is going to be lit, we going right“
  • “No“
  • “Seriously dude have fun for once while you still can.After we graduate, it will be work and more school “
  • “No“
  • “You are weird Alex, you never join us on any event. Am your best friend but I do not know anything about you. You never share anything “
  • “Will be in Class Kelvin, have fun“
  • Kelvin stood on the stairs watching the back of Alex, the heir to Mace Group walking away, he smirked slightly and rejoice in his head, the Mace were running away at least that was what he heard from his father and his business partners. Their stocks is plummeting and shareholders are pulling out, selling their shares at a low price and if that happens then, they the Woods will dominate the vehicle manufacturing corporation and when that day comes , he will be the cherished prince of the country.