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Chapter 9 Hotel Flamingo

  • Inside a Mercedes Benz in front of Motel Flamingo, a man was on the phone having a heated conversation. He ended the call and within a few minutes a woman got out from one of the rooms and approached the car in a hurry. She knocked and waited patiently to be invited in. The window glass was lowered. She heard a clicked sound before she opened the car and sat down, the window glass was sealed back up again. She turned to look at the man’s face but her eyes rested on her thigh. The tension she felt coming from him was suffocating making breathing very difficult for her to do.
  • “Are you toying with me “he spoke slowly, anger laced in his tone, he was annoyed and pissed making him very frightening?
  • “No Ray, I will not do that to you, we are grateful for everything you have done for us“ She replied with a slow and forgiving voice
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