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Chapter 10 Highest Bidder

  • Ever since my parents died I have been lonely, people kept leaving me and I felt like a curse.My spirit kills everyone near me and I felt disgusted with myself. First my mother destroyed our perfect home with her evil deeds breaking my father’s heart. He could not take it and ended his life with her. He did not think about me at all, his love for her was so deep he went with her to the afterlife. Uncle Nicholas was the only one who cared like Grandma Lily but they fought because of me. Grandma Lily wanted to raise me and my curse made her sick, so sick she had to be let go to ease her pain and suffering. I was told her soul went to heaven but I know there is no such thing as paradise or God just endless darkness, the living world and the lifeless world, the only different is the monsters here in the land of the living smile with you and cut you deep into your heart.
  • Uncle Nick took me in with Aunty Mica and it was fun, they took me out of school, we travelled out a lot and enjoy different places, I meant to say they went out and enjoyed those places but at least I got left overs when they return from such expensive places then it stopped coming, I heard we were going broke but that cannot be, Dad’s money cannot be finish right. Aunty Mica told me my Daddy did not love me enough to leave me more money and that I will live on the street alone, but I cannot be alone, am scared to be alone, am scared to be abandon and to be rejected. The day came when Big muscled people came and took our house, they sacked us out onto the street , Aunty Mica was so furious she slapped Uncle Nicholas for being the reason and how he was stupid. I was dragged along and we went to a hotel to sleep, the next morning we were asked to pay for another night or to leave and we packed our bags and left. We wandered around for hours and my stomach started to growl no matter how careful I was, I started to become dizzy, Uncle Nicholas stopped and went to buy a sandwich which we shared. We arrived at a shelter in the dead of the night and they helped us with food, it was not the best but it was better than nothing and allowed us to sleep there for a week.
  • They later showed us to this house well not a house more like a squatter’s settlement, it was rugs and woods patched together and it was so crowded, it has this weird smell but beggars cannot be choosers. Aunty Mica was repulsed by it all, she did not want to stay there, she was disgusted and was hailing insults on Uncle Nicholas for being a fool. In time we settled in, food, clothes and the basic necessities become very hard but we make due, house flies, rats and cockroaches became our family.
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