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Chapter 3 Her Choice

  • Morning came and skies were shining gracefully, the family were gathered in the living room with the lawyers of George and Levi Arthur, everyone’s eyes was on young Vivian, unknown to her but this moment here determines her foes and friends, and with her decision her future.
  • ”Before we start this reading, we would like to know who will take in the young Vivian, if it was up to us we would suggest the girl’s Grandmother but She lives in the village and by moving the girl to the village, her education will be messed up, and again she is old and Vivian needs lot of care and attention, as her parents attorneys we want the best for her and her wellbeing.”
  • ” We have thought about it and we agree with you on the matter”
  • ”That is great, mmm so who is the Guardian if we may ask”
  • ”We have not reached there yet, a lot of my family want to raise her and it has become hard to decide, but if you can give us the next thirty minutes , you will get your answer”
  • ”Ok then, we will wait”
  • The lawyers made their way out of the living room giving the floor to Grandmother Lily George’s mother, she turned on her seat and hugged Vivian, she knew the fate of her granddaughter lies in the hands of the person who will care for her and she makes to make the right decision and not be bias, she was praying Grace her last born adopt Vivian , she loves her, is well to do and will take extra care of her, this she knows the rest are just blood sucking demons waiting to get their hands on her son’s fortune.
  • ”My lovely girl , I know it a hard decision we are making you to choose but you have to my love, you have to tell us who you will like to stay with , that person will take care of you like a parent , you have a lot of uncles and aunties her so make your decision”
  • ”Granny I want to stay with you” A smile shined on Grandma lily’s face and her heart squeezed with sadness, if not for that damn sickness that is eating her alive, she would have been happy to take care of her but even she will be in the hospital for some years and she does not know when she will die.
  • ”My dear girl I know you would love that, but am not well, I promise to visit you time and again ok now who else ”
  • Hearts were racing, sweats were gathering on foreheads despite the air condition on full blasts, prayers were being said, and her decision can be a life changing for anyone of them. The Arthur’s were farmers through a long generations dating back to the 19th Century in Lusm Valley, they had acres of Land and was a well to do family but when the famine set in and the rains stopped coming for years they lost most of their properties and wealth but George Arthur saw an opportunity in that and left home to Port city at a young age, he brought a small land and cultivated into a Vineyard, he started his own Winery, GLV winery and for 20 years , his wine was the quality of all Port city and the neighboring nations. He obtained wealth and helped his family rise back to their feet by giving hefty sums of money to each to start their various businesses, but he needed help and sold some shares to his friends but still holding the largest share of 15 percent. Sales has been dropping and money has been dwindling making him to be voted out of his sit as CEO. But his family keeps coming back to him for money, unsure of what was happening.
  • ” Granny, I would like to stay with Uncle Nicholas” Loud gasps, disbelieve and confusion were seem on most faces except Mica and Nicholas who acted shocked but in their hearts jubilating.
  • ”Vivian are you sure about that” asked Grandma Lily
  • ”Yes”
  • ”But why cupcake”
  • ”Mother, what do you mean but why, Vivian loves me, am her uncle, why can’t I take care of her”
  • ”Nicholas we both know why you can’t take care of her, you can’t even take care of yours much less a child”
  • ”Mother that is enough, you know am married right and Mica is a great person”
  • ”Great person huh, this child need love and a warm home not fast food and a lesson in drinking”
  • ”Mom, you hurt me with those words I ….”
  • ”oh shut up, you have been with my son for six years now and what have you both accomplished together, other than headaches and debt. Both of you do not even have one child together and all you think about is parties and drinking, I will never allow my granddaughter to be with you drunkards”
  • ” Mother, you do know am your son and am”
  • ”Of course I do know, that is why I know you better than anyone, you want to squander my Granddaughter’s inheritance on that thing you call a wife and that will not happen, I was hoping she would change you when you both got married but no it was the worst, gambling and partying your company away, I know what you all are thinking and I will never allow that unless you kill me, Vivian you will stay with Grace and that is that, now if anyone has something to say , say it now or hold your mouth.”
  • ”I have always known you did not love me like you loved George, I was the disappointment to you, I was the black sheep and I was the wolf in sheep clothing but she is my niece, how could you say that in front of her and everyone, how can you disregard family dignity and blood and wash me out to these people mom, am still your son.
  • ”And she is my niece, I cannot let you destroy her life like you have done yours”
  • ”Just say it and stop beating around the bush, we all know you wished I had died instead of George mom, you would trade me in a second to take your dead son’s place but karma is a bitch”
  • A slap silent the living room, everyone was watching the show down, Grandma Lily’s eyes were red with rage and her hands where shaking, and luckily Grace took Vivian out of the room before it got worst. Nicholas had a hand imprinted on his cheeks but was not backing down
  • ”I would never allow you scum to destroy my Granddaughter’s life and that is final”
  • Grandmother Lily took two steps and collapsed onto the floor, her hand squeezed her chest and her eyes were glued on Nicholas, She wanted to speak but the words where not coming out, she needed to talk, God she needed to say something but then she felt helpless and blacked out. An ambulance came for her and Claire her third born went with her. The bungalow was sad that night but Mica was jumping for joy inside her mind, “That old witch, finally she got what she deserved. “