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Chapter 4 The Will

  • News came from the Hospital that Grandma Lily has slipped into a coma and the family were down casted but still Vivian needed a home and this was causing a huge issue in the house, majority of the relatives were sticking to Grandma Lily’s wish to have Vivian stay with Grace but then the others were saying the little girl made her choice and that was what they will follow. The lawyers were having a headache and so they chose to go with Vivian’s decision because if they force her to go to Grace and something happens to her, what then but they have forgotten that she is just a child and can be swayed to the wrong side easily. Nicholas and Mica were granted guardianship over young Vivian, they signed the legal papers and the rest of the family were asked to leave the room. The Lawyers started to read the will of George to the couple and they were happy at the beginning but through the reading their faces changed from thrilled to angry.
  • “What, is that all the assets my brother has, no you must be mistaken because my brother is a fucking billionaire and you know it “
  • Nicholas stood up and started to pace around the room, his world is coming down and he cannot believe it, George is broke but he has money , more money than he can live off for the rest of his life, he doesn’t understand what is happening .
  • “No, no impossible that can’t be all right, here has to be more than that, how are we going to take care of that girl with this peanuts, please get the other papers , we know there are more“
  • “Peanuts Mrs. Mica, Mr. George assets is not peanuts, he has two estates plus this bungalow, he has four acres of vineyard and 15 percent share in GLV winery plus 10 million dollars in his joined accounts with Mrs. Levi Arthur. How can this be peanuts “
  • “ My brother had almost 27 hectares of lands across the country, he had several offshore accounts , 100 percent share of GLV winery and more than 32 mansions and estates, so make this make sense to me Lawyer, where did all does assets go“
  • “I did not know Mr. George made his properties and millionaires known to the family especially you so where did you get those numbers and details from Mr. Nicholas “
  • “Let forget how I know, now tell me if I am wrong because I know my brother made a lot of money and he invested in various businesses“
  • “This is Mr. George Arthur’s will and since we have made it known to her daughter’s guardian we will take our leave, anything you feel is not right you can take it to court , and since you are rejecting the authenticity of the will we will keep it and release to Vivian when she is of age, good day.“
  • The lawyers left the couple and the bungalow behind, they were surprised those two thought this account of money was peanuts and that George and Levi Arthur were broke, the audacity of them but what shocked them the most was how they got to know George’s assets in the past. This was only known to them and George, even Levi did not have a clue so how did that couple know and they spoke about it in details too.
  • Back at the house, Nicholas was not having it, he thought he would not have to work again in his life but who would have imagined that his beloved little brother would be this low in cash.
  • “Hahahaha, Mica I cannot believe this right now, George thee mighty George is this broke, this world is so full of wonder. We thought he was richer than rich but look at this turn of events. Well it is not too late let return that brat and get the hell out of here“
  • “And go where, Nick where to that dumb you call a house, yes we thought they were billionaires but at least they are hundred times richer than us, they still have money in their accounts, they still have houses, and they have lands who is to say you can’t make it big like he did and the best part is he has laid the foundation already for you“
  • “Mica, do you hear yourself we have to work our asses off to reach the top and that is hard work“
  • “You can do it my love, I trust you and beside 15 percent shares in the GLV winery is not bad, we can try to rebuild everything and we have money to support us, think about it you will go the board of directors and stake your claim you will be the CEO and things will move on from there, you will have employees and an assistance so you would not really be doing the work and the company is a long one meaning the workers are experienced“
  • “you are right dear, I nearly threw this opportunity away, I will just run as the face of the company but I will not do any of the boring work, what will I do without you my love, you are beautiful, smart and intelligent“
  • “Thanks for the compliment dear
  • “But we have to think deep about my niece“
  • “Do not worry love, I will take extra care of her and will hire a nanny to help out but Nick I do not want to stay in this bungalow, it gives me the creeps“
  • “Do not worry, we will head to the lawyer's office, sign everything and move to the estate in Port City. “
  • “Wow, have heard so much about that place, the socialite paradise“
  • “Yes, the best for my darling, I will spoil you to the heaven and back“
  • The loving Couple were interrupted my Grace Nicholas sister, She knew the couple and their habits in fact the whole family knows of Nicholas and Mica excessively lifestyle and children were not part of the deal now, they were the modern Bonnie and Clyde minus the killings and entrust a helpless orphan to this careless couple was a crime against nature.
  • “Nicholas, Stand right there you knew Mom wanted me to have Vivian. I can take better care of her am a mother and I know what a child would need . Especially a young girl like her, they need attention the most please give her to me“
  • “What do you mean by am a mother. who are you cursing or you think I do not have a womb. Grace be careful of your words because the whole world knows am not that forgiving “Mica felt Grace words down in her stomach, she knew she was barren but you do not have to rub her face in it.Who the hell does she think she is to question her childlessness.
  • “Grace you went too far this time, and the lawyer has already decided. What else do you want from us“
  • “Too far, Nicholas your wife does not possess a single strain of motherhood in her vein, you except her to know the needs of a fourteen year old girl. Who will now know the world and her body, how could you possible understand all these things when all she cares about is money and alcohol, she has cemented her womb with drugs and booze not a single seed has sprouted“
  • “Nicholas, listen to your sister, give her the child, she can take care of her better“
  • “Nick, dude the women are right just let the kid go to Grace“
  • “Yes, we agree“
  • “Enough, listen now and listen carefully all of you, my wife and I are Vivian’s legal guardians, if I see any of you near her or hear that any of you have approached her I will sue you for kidnapping and endangering my niece. I want you all to get away from her understand “
  • “Nicholas, how dare you warn me from that child“
  • “Dare me and you will see the true colors of me, stay away from us, live your life, do not reach out to us and if you hear us to be dying, do not bat an eye because we will also treat you the same, that is my promise“