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Chapter 2 The Rains

  • 14 years Vivian stood there wearing a black dress watching as the two coffins descend into the endless dark pit. She did not know what happen for both of her parents to die but from what she had heard through the whispers of her family members, her mother was the cause of all this. She destroyed their family, she took Dad with her too and left her alone, why did she do that to them?
  • Why did she not take her too?
  • Was she that unbearable to her?
  • Did she think about her future at all?
  • She was hurt deeply but she will never shed any tears for anyone, they both left her alone and she will leave her life to the fullest and show them she can survive. The sky lost it blue to the black clouds, it darken the whole city and released cracks of lighting.
  • The weather was so cold like the deepest oceans, rains made itself know to the world and attacked ferociously yet she stood and watch on.
  • ”Vivian get out of the rain, you will catch a cold” She took her first step from the burial ground, turned and said her goodbyes to her parents, she buried herself deeply in the hug offered by her Uncle and tears busted out from her eyes.
  • ”Why did they leave me uncle, why did they, I have been a good girl, am a good girl right” She needed to know if she was the cause for her parents abandoning her, her mind demanded answers.
  • ” It ok Vivian, you have been the best”
  • ”Then why did they leave me” this question was bugging her, why did they leave her all alone.
  • ” It will be alright, you have me my dear niece and I will protect you” Relief washed over her, someone still cared about her after all, she was not alone.
  • ”Now listen, if the Elders ask you who you like to stay with , tell them you want Uncle Nicholas and insist on it otherwise they will take your home from you and you will not see your parents again do you understand”
  • ”I will not see Mom and Dad again but why will they do that Uncle” Her body shooked with fear, her eyes so wide with fright
  • ”Baby girl, this life is hard and now that your mom and dad are not here , it will be harder ok now trust me and say exactly what I said to you ”
  • ” I will Uncle Nick, thank you for protecting me”
  • ”Now go and join your Grandmother, she will take you home I have to wait for everything to be finalize here at the cemetery before I leave and remember do not tell anyone of what we talked about, pinky promise ok”
  • ”Pinky promise Uncle Nick”
  • Nicholas watched as young Vivian took her steps to join the family, a smile erupted from the side of his lips. His plan is working and now all that was left is the final piece of the puzzle to be fixed. A hand touched his left shoulder and he jumped in fright, turning back he saw his young beautiful wife holding an umbrella with a devilish grin.
  • ” My dear husband, I must say your smartness intrigues me day in and out, my love for you is increasing every day, if you pull this off we will be the guardians of that little brat and we will control all the companies and money left to her by that stupid dead brother of yours, I cannot wait for that day my love. We have suffered since our Company bankrupted, no one wanted to lend you a hand. But you wait, they will know and see that my husband is the smartest in all the family”
  • ” Mica ssssshhhhh not so loud, control yourself and be patient just a few days and we will be the newest billionaires in Port city”
  • ”I cannot wait Nick, it will be the breakthrough for us finally, you will be the CEO and I will be an actress, my dream is finally coming to light, aww it will be great”
  • ”Dinner in expensive restaurants, traveling to the states and lavishing you with the best money can buy”
  • ”you do know me but now I need to leave this dreadful place, my skin will get wrinkles from standing in this rain, get the car ready”
  • ”But I want to wait for everything to be done……….”
  • ”Nick my love your brother is dead I am living, my knees are hurting, am coming up with a cold, my skin is losing their glow and I need to leave this place it smell of dead people”
  • ”Ok Jane, wait for me, will be right back”
  • Jane watched as her husband distance himself from her to get their car , she made sure no one was around her to hear her next words, she stared on the names written on the tombstones and spitted on them
  • ” Fucking idiots, I came to you begging to help me and my husband from debt but you denied us and you thought I will let you live a loving life, you both got off easy and I will make sure that brat of yours suffer for the remaining humiliation I went through, I hope you two rot in hell and soon will send your daring daughter to you. Bye for now and I will make sure to enjoy your hard earned billons”
  • Car horn sounded and Mica turned her back to the grave sites and swayed her body to their car, joining her husband and off they joined the others in the Bungalow. Food were served and the family had dinner together as one but each with their thoughts and plans, by the end of the night, almost half of the relatives have called young Vivian aside and tried to bribe her with sweet words but her mind was fixed on her uncle Nicholas, guess the early bird catches the worm indeed.