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Chapter 6 Flames

  • “Are you ok dear” Nicholas ask his niece who looked broken and tattered beyond recognition
  • “Am fine uncle, Aunty hates me “Vivian cried out loud
  • “Do not say that“
  • “But it true, I have tried to make her like me but she detest me, she dislike me why uncle, what have I done to her“
  • “Do not mind her, will talk to her later ok now go and clean up “
  • From a daddy’s angel who had the world at her feet to a teenager who is now living in the slum has been very hard for Vivian to adjust but she did and in a fast pace too. She tried to help in any possible way she could, hawking, stealing or washing clothes for her neighbors to put food on the table, she wanted her aunty to like her at least but Mica was not seeing her effort, she still dreams of the emerald jeweled mansion, the latest cars, the parties she threw and dance to her heart content, the expensive wine and the exotic foods she had at her disposal but now it just a memory and she would not have it, she has to escape this nightmare and she will by any means necessary.
  • “Nicholas, how dare you, how dare you disgrace me in front of the neighbors for that slut“
  • “Mica let me warn you, do not hit my niece again in your entire life“
  • “Oooh really, is that how it is, you are warning me now“
  • “Yes, I do not know what you want to prove but my niece is off limits, do you get it “
  • “Well isn’t that loving, you are now showing affection, what will your daring niece say when she realize you wasted her fortune on gambling “
  • “Do not push me Mica or…….“
  • “Or what Nick, you do not scare me one bit and remember do not ever in your miserable life warn me, that is my job understand“
  • “I do not blame you but myself, today you are reprimanding me, it interesting“
  • “Very interesting indeed, now sit down and listen to me, I have been quiet about your gambling ways and it has landed us into this ditch, I regret it a lot but no more am holding the fort now“
  • “Mica you want to head the family, you think you have that brain to do that then no problem“
  • “Brains, Nick do not talk about something you lack because I have always been the mindset behind us but I loosen my ropes on you and your bad habit, now pay attention we can get out of this dump if you listen carefully and do as I say“
  • Mica has thought deeply about her plan from months, she has gather information and trace the perfect dealer for the exchange but she needs to have Nicholas on board otherwise it will go haywire, she admits she lost control and Vivian reminds her of that whore mother of hers, but she needs this plan to succeed then she can get a house by the beach far away from this poor area and live out her days in peace.
  • “We will need Vivian before the plan can go on “
  • “No, no you are not selling my niece Mica“
  • “Nick baby, please understand me Ray will pay a fortune for her, he loves her and is very generous, we can live our life into blissful never ending happiness “
  • “You are a monster , worse than a monster, you want to sell my niece, my brother’s only lineage to prostitution, damn you fucking witch , now I understand why you could not have kids , who would want to be born through you such a heartless disgrace “
  • “Shut up, you do not know anything, do not insult me, at least am trying to help us leave this poverty life that you put us in, you made me like this, made your precious brother’s lineage like this, do not be righteous in front of me and do not smear me Nicholas“
  • “Since you want to leave this poverty life so badly, and you want gold tiles to walk on why do you not go and be a sex worker huh, go and sell yourself to Ray since he is generous but am warning you Mica if you take a single look towards my niece I will kill you“
  • “Kill me for that thing, have you forgotten what we both went through huh, you want me to go and sell myself, am your wife you bastard, how can you think that way for me, how dare you treat me so badly Nicholas, you promise me heaven on earth, you promise me the finer things in life, you are a liar, a cheat “
  • Mica threw punches on Nicholas, she was deeply hurt by him for betraying her and keeping her in this dark place when they could simply trade Vivian and see light again.
  • “And she is my niece you may be my wife but we do not have anything that connects us nothing but she has my blood, my name and I die first before I let anyone hurt her including you, I will not repeat my mistake a second time, I will protect her with my life, and you can count on that“
  • Nicholas pushed Mica to the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks, he went to his niece and called her out for a walk, he wanted to know if she heard their argument but Vivian seem to be in the dark about everything. He bought food from a food truck and watched as his niece devoured it like a wild animal, he cried inside his heart, what has he done, what has he done to his niece, he has destroyed her future. He went to bed with a heavy heart and a depressed soul, he woke up by the smell of smoke, he jot up and attempt to run out but he was trapped.” Vivian, vivian, anyone out there please help me am trapped “he searched for a way out but could not find any, he turned to see the window barricaded with woods same to the door, his mind screamed at him “Mica “, he tried to break through but nothing worked, his body weakened by the smoke but his soul aggressive, he will not allow it but the fire engulfed the whole building with Vivian in tears and Mica behind consoling her.
  • “Aunty, Uncle is still inside, he is inside, someone, please help me, uncle, uncle, please help me anyone“
  • “Vivian, my dear he is gone“
  • “Please am begging you, please, anyone my uncle is inside, help me… God do not take him please “
  • “Vivian, stop it and listen to me, Nicholas is dead, I know it hard darling but I will keep you safe ok, am sorry I hurt you, we have each other now“
  • “Aunty, Uncle is….he………uncle please... uncle do not leave me, you promise me………uncle I need you……..please anyone……….. please “
  • “I know love I know but I promise to take care of you like my daughter ok, “
  • The fire burnt everything to charcoal, sulking the life out of everything it touched raging hot red. Mica was smiling inside, finally that old man is dead and she has her freedom, her plans will be a success and no one can stand in her way now her eyes mirroring the flames as it destroy yet another life.