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Chapter 18

  • I bent down and felt like my head exploded at the thought.  I was pissed because I had lost sight of Elisa, I chased her after I thought deeply, but I was late because she was gone and wherever I looked for her I saw no Elisa.
  • Fuck you Smael, it's your fault.
  • "Boss, she's gone, we've reached the town of the market but we don't see her."
  • I raised my face because of what Alex said, she couldn't disappear right away because she didn’t know this place and she didn’t have a car.  I close my eyes. My senses seem to be hurting because just now when Elisa spoke I felt something until she left and that's when I fully understood my feelings.
  • I was aroused in deep thought when my cellphone rang, I took it to the side of my coat.  When I look at the screen, an unknown number is calling me.  I answered but didn't speak I just let it go first.
  • "Smael, how are you?"
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