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Chapter 13

  • With the big house and the handsome living here, I didn’t expect that I would get well and earn a huge amount.
  • On my first day here and I met other people here and the so-called woman of sir Smael.  I can say she was beautiful but I got jealous of Elisa, because of her luck.
  • I went out because I couldn't sleep, it's nice here even if it's just a maid in her room.  I stopped walking when I saw Elisa being carried by sir Smael, I don't know where he will take her.  I followed secretly and they entered the door, the door was not closed so I was able to peek and hear them there.  I even looked around to see if there was CCTV, but I saw nothing so I continued peeking.
  • My eyes almost widen at what I see them doing and I feel like I’m drying up saliva.  I stared at sir Smael's beautiful body, especially its long and hard bottom.  I was biting my lip and seemed to want to experience how sir Smael would claim.
  • I saw out of the corner of my eye that something was coming so I adjusted myself and left.  I met Brenda who was also a maid here.  The strength of my heartbeat.
  • "I thought you were asleep?"  Brenda greeted me.
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