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Chapter 25

  • "Javier," I said and he slowly approached me and I turned to face the mirror.  Because I could almost see my chest, until I could see Javier in the back because of the mirror.
  • "You're sexy and beautiful that dress."
  • I don’t know but I felt something in Javier’s kind of speech, I could feel his breath on my neck.
  • "Aa ... Javier, come on, I'm done choosing clothes, let's go home."  I spoke and I avoided him because I was misunderstood.
  • I didn't hear a word from him and I changed my clothes because he left.  When I came out I didn't see Javier, my eyes searched for him and I was surprised when someone held my hand.
  • "Let's go."  He said while handedqs the paper bag.
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