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Chapter 9

  • The sweetness of my sleep is too much and I still have in my mind what my mind says over and over again.  "I miss you too, Stay with me ... Is that true Smael? My mind asked as I hugged Smael who for the first time woke up next to me and hugged him.
  • Her scent as well as his armpits, I happily watched his face, his sharp nose, and the medium lips that weren't so red but it was nice to kiss.  His thick eyebrows and his little mustache and beard touched his handsome man.
  • I don't know if this is a dream, I thought my life would be miserable with you.  I was wrong because I was happy with you even though once you were scary.  Am I really lucky?
  • I whispered in my mind as I watched Smael's face.  I fell asleep again while hugging him even though we were both still naked.
  • --------
  • I woke up again that Smael was no longer beside me and I just got used to him always disappearing and coming suddenly.  I took a shower to freshen up and was wearing a cotton dress that one had bought by, Smael.  I went downstairs and was about to go swimming by the swimming pool when I saw Sonya with bags.
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